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Shopping online with us is easy and the payment system is safe and secure.

You can pay with your Credit or Debit Card through our company's PayPal account (you do not need one).  Nobody ever sees your card details.

Product selections are never confirmed until you 'check out' and so you can browse our shop freely, without worrying about ordering something by accident.

However if you would prefer to order over the telephone please call us.  We would be happy to hear from you.  The number is 01455 230833.

To shop online:
Choose a Product Category (from the selection on the left) and click on it. The system will then display all the garment style in that category.
Next, choose a style that you like (eg 'Sweatshirts' or 'Fleeces' and click on it. The system will then display all the different designs in that style.
You can switch from any category to any other, at any time, simply by clicking on the one you want to see.
When you have decided on a product just click on the 'Add To Cart' button and the system will put one in your 'Shopping Basket', for you to confirm or remove later.
The system will remember your selection and you are free to carry on browsing or go straight to our 'Check-out facility' to confirm your order.
If you carry on browsing, you are free to select as many products as you like (by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button). The system will put them all in the same 'Shopping Basket' for you to confirm later.
The number of items (and the cost of them) in your 'Shopping Basket' is displayed all the time, in the top right hand corner of each page.  You can see what all the selected items are (design, colour, size and price) by clicking on the words 'View Cart'.
When you have finished shopping you simply click on the 'Go To Check-Out' box.  The box will appear every time you select a product or you can get to it at any time by clicking on the words 'View Cart' (top right corner of each page).
The first stage of the check-out process is a review of the items you have selected.  You can remove any that you do not want (just click on the word 'Remove') or change the size.
When you are happy with your selection you can confirm your order by clicking on the 'Check-Out Securely' box.
Nothing will ever be charged to your card until you click on that box and enter the required details.

So, we think that covers it.  Happy shopping! However, if anything is unclear or you would rather order by telephone, please call us on 01455 230833